Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, or in person, if both the coach and client are in the local vicinity. The day prior to the coaching session, the client e-mails the coach a Coaching Prep Form which reviews accomplishments, action steps, and a proposed agenda for the session. To begin the session, the client calls in to the specified number at the time of the session (if the session is by phone).

After a few minutes of relational “catching up,” the client reviews the Coaching Prep Form with the coach and the action steps that he created at the previous session. Then the client will set the agenda for the remainder of the session. The coach keeps the conversation focused, helping the client reach the goal he set for the session. The coaching conversation is a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire the client to maximize his potential. The coach listens, observes, and customizes his approach to meet the client’s needs. In addition, the coach elicits solutions and strategies from the client. The coach will strongly support the client to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already possesses.

Between sessions, a coach continues to supply encouragement and support. The level and kind of support is decided on between the client and the coach.

Phone Etiquette Guidelines

  1. Calls for coaching sessions are made by the client to the coach.
  2. Call at the scheduled time as another coaching session may be scheduled soon after your call.
  3. Call at a time and from a place where you can be focused and will not be undistracted. Have your completed Coaching Prep Form available to refer to during the coaching session.
  4. Do not call from a cell phone while driving in the car as driving distractions are not conducive to a productive coaching experience. Cells phone are susceptible to dead spots and intermittent connections; if calling from a cell phone, ensure that connectivity is secure.

Coach Contact Information

Name: [NAME]
Phone number to call for coaching sessions: [PHONE]
Number for all other calls: [PHONE]
Fax number: [FAX]
E-mail address: [EMAIL]