True Art – A Poem By Kristen Sykes



The Artisan of the heart

     Gathers the broken shards

     Covets the world’s discards

     Seeks all pieces shattered

     As if to Him they mattered

To work His eternal art.


Like right to left Hebraic

     Collecting every jot and tittle

     Of bruised blood and sobbing spittle

     What was left He rights

     Makes day from deepest nights

Works waste for good in His mosaic.


From whence this beauty great?

     Where the enemy trashes

     Jesus takes the ashes

     No other raw material

     Will suit Him for a miracle

Divine the talent to re-create.


High Artist strong and patient

     Requires the lifetime of a life

     Perfecting loveliness from strife

     Adam and Eve He made from dust

     He’ll transform what’s gone to rust

And resurrect what now lays latent.


by Kristen Sykes



Note: I retired from Reflections Ministries at the end of 2018 and Kristen and I wholeheartedly thank you for your kind support and prayers for us all these 29 years. You have been a tremendous help and encouragement to us. Although I have stepped down from vocational ministry and no longer receive financial support, I am not fully retiring from ministry. I will continue to meet with men one-on-one for our mutual spiritual growth and encouragement. We are so grateful for your friendship and partnership in the Gospel! Len

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