Deception – A Poem by Kristen Sykes



“Why do the heathen rage,”
     —how short their stint upon the stage—
“And the people imagine a vain thing?”
     Can lies dethrone the Truth as King?


The devil rails when his time is short
The ball bounces madly in his court;
     He steals, for nothing can he make
     He kills, for life offends his hate
     He destroys, for he’s impotent to create.


Inciting rage throughout creation
Hating men, he deceives the nations,
     Arrogant flesh cooperates
     Self-deification takes the bait
     And, godless, men degenerate.


Satan’s end lies in the lake of fire
Dragging down many in his quenchless ire;
     Those who chose MY will be done
     And turned their back upon the Son—
     Of good and God, they’ll be free from.


by Kristen Sykes
Psalm 2; John 10:10; Revelation 12:12

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