Trees – A Poem by Kristen Sykes



The quivering leaves of the trees
Blowing lightly in the breeze
Gently to the heart bring ease
So full, so fresh, so green
The swaying branches preen
And groundward fall the dancing leaves.


The preaching trees upright and true
Raise praising boughs to skies of blue
Myriad limbs up-pointing do
With sap and twig and stretching stem
Bless the God Who made them
Reminding man to look up too.


When pain makes goodness seem unreal
Mere glance out of window will reveal
A beauty transcending what you feel
No devil could trees make
No evil force so strong to take
This proof of God’s thoughts of weal.


The trees’ leaves will one day heal the nations
Let them bring peace to your frustrations
Their silent sermon inspires elation
Faithfully they stand
Oaks of righteousness in the land
Heralding the Tree of Life in the new creation.


by Kristen Sykes

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