Divine Love – A Poem by Kristen Sykes


The intensity of Love divine
       White-hot the inextinguishable flame
       Jealousy inseverable as death’s chains
       Unyielding as the graveyard’s claim.
  Flesh on the fire in sacrifice
  Bind to the pyre self’s artifice
           The fragrant smoke up-rising
           Love its incense prizing
        Inescapable, all-consuming
        Naught remains for exhuming
  Held in arms of relentless passion
  Intent in its desire to fashion
           A virgin bride
           Devoid of pride
Changing water into wine.

The immensity of Love divine
             Height and depth
             Width and breadth
     Eternal in its lasting; infinite in size
     The temporal forgot; it the prize
          which if be offered the utmost wealth
          to obtain Love’s excellence
          utterly would scornèd be; rightly so,
          Love incomparable to a bid so low.
     Deluge of waters cannot immerse
     The endless span of Love’s universe
         It unfailing; lasting its clasp
        All else paling; glory unsurpassed.
             Love is delighted
             God and man united
Forever Love says “Mine.”

by Kristen Sykes

Song of Songs 8:6-7

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