August, 2000

Dear Friends,

We have had a busy, and at times, a stressful summer. Two weddings within four
months with what seems like an infinite number of decisions, especially for
Ashley’s, our daughter’s wedding, has taken a lot of time, planning,
praying, laughing, crying, money, etc., etc. But on a sadder note my stepfather,
“Smitty” has been in and out of critical care or the hospital since
June. I just received a call from my mother this morning saying he is back in
the hospital with pneumonia after only being home for two weeks. He is 86 years
old and very frail and my mother is wearing out taking care of him. I know many
of you have been through both the joys and stress of weddings as well as the
sadness and stress of sick and dying parents, so you can certainly empathize
with us. I felt led to take a few days and go and be with them, hence my newsletter
this month is more a request for your prayers than a teaching. So if you would
lift us up for the following prayer needs we would be most grateful and I’m
sure strengthened:
For my time with Mother and Smitty and especially for God’s grace, wisdom,
healing and peace.

For Ashley and Aaron’s upcoming wedding and the beginning of their life
and ministry together as missionaries with YWAM in Victoria, British Columbia.
Please pray for their car trip across the country loaded down with Ashley’s
belongings and gifts when they return from their honeymoon.

For Brandt and Ashley’s marriage (May 20) and their new life together.
Some specific requests would be for Ashley’s job search, for some Christian
girlfriends, and changing churches to one closer to their new home and their
involvement there.

Pray for Kristen and me as we release our children (like arrows, Psalm 127:4)
to God’s place of ministry and purpose for them and their spouses.

Please pray for laborers for the harvest (Matthew 9: 36-38) especially for
our Tucker Fellowship Luncheon outreach each Friday at Shoney’s in Tucker.
This is a non-denominational ministry of evangelism to acquaint businessmen
who are not Christians with the reality of God’s presence and love in
a business environment through the personal testimonies of Christian businessmen.
It also provides a basis for the unity of the body of Christ through Christian
fellowship and mutual ministry across denominational lines. If you live or work
in the Stone Mountain/Tucker area or nearby, would you ask the Lord if He would
have you join with us in this ministry. Basically the commitment would be to
pray, attend each Friday, and regularly invite your friends and business associates
to join us. I will provide the necessary follow up and discipleship for those
who come to Christ. Please call me if the Lord so leads you @ 770-925-9524.

Thank you so much for any prayer support you feel led to stand with us on.
We believe that prayer is the first thing and the main thing in ministry. Please
know we are praying for you. Please call us or send us any specific requests
in the enclosed envelope. May God’s blessings and peace be yours.

Len and Kristen

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