Sonnet of the Savior – A Poem by Kristen Sykes




     Could there ever be a Savior

        more wonderful than Jesus?


The perfect Son of God in glory saw

His broken image in the sons of men,

The stench of lust and our rebellions raw

Laid bare before His holy eyes man’s sin.

In love He stepped from unknown heights to mire

Took on frail flesh to redeem hardened knaves,

Blood was demanded from the brave, bold Buyer

Shed by the very ones He sought to save.

We whipped Him, thorned Him, pierced Him, scorned Him sore—

This One Who made us, held us in His love—

Our rage and hate full on His Being bore—

That through His cross we may ascend above.

   Oh could there ever be a Savior more,

   More wonderful than Jesus Christ our Lord?


 by Kristen Sykes







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