Conqueror – A Poem by Kristen Sykes



My God, my Love, my Lord,

Worshiped and adored

 In end-time days,

 Increasing praise

We raise in one accord.


Our soon and coming King,

Hope-filled hosannas ring

 The shaking systems of this world,

 Your might unfolding and unfurled

Our redemption nearer brings.


Your second advent comes in power,

Approaching quickly is the hour

 The fierce fury of evil’s fangs,

 Creation’s sharp end-time birth pangs

Will crumble Babel’s tower.


In clouds of glory You’ll arrive,

A final war with evil strive

 And so the kingdoms of this world,

 Will at the feet of Christ be hurled

Your rule a rod of iron drive.


Then all men shall bend the knee,

At the King of kings’ decree

 We triumphant in Your train,

 Join joyfully Your righteous reign

A thousand years of victory.


O glorious day of Your unveiling,

In apocalypse You war unfailing

 The Lion of Judah now has roared,

 The gates of hell felled by His sword

We Our Holy Conqueror hailing.


Glory, glory, praise and thanks,

As You exert Your highest rank

 Your Name above all other names,

 All bowing low unto Your claims

We sing the song of endless thanks.


by Kristen Sykes

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