Tired of Time – A Poem by Kristen Sykes



Tired of Time—bound down with all its fetters

Numbers 1,2,3 and A,B,C of letters

The step-after-step constant chronologicality

Of ticking-tocking clocked-in clocked-out reality

Linear living lopes on from task to task

No oasis of just being in which to bask.


Tired of memory—the backpack of Time

Haunting the present with its distorted mime

And then what is the present tense, anyhow?

It moves into the past as fast as it is now

Unstoppable watch of an uneasy atmosphere

Time whips and goads and pushes year upon year.


Well what of the future—does it ever come?

Moving toward horizon keeps horizon on the run

Just so the future stays a state unreached

Hopes and dreams and visions upon its far shores beached

O Timelessness!  O Eternity!  Being’s true home!

Free from the press and pressure of Time’s metronome.



 by Kristen Sykes



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