Bid Me Farewell – A Poem by Kristen Sykes


O World, I will not miss you
       when I go
O Flesh, I’ll leave you mouldering
       here below;
The world is but a dust speck
       on the scales
The flesh rots back to dust
       when it fails.

But I, I will fly free, forever
       fully me
My hidden life with Christ now lived
And you three—world, flesh, devil—were
       just my slaves:
Fire to burn the dross, waters to wash me
       in the waves.

Bid me farewell, for it is you three
       who will die;
I shall live in love beyond the
       bright blue sky.
Should I thank you for the evils that God
       worked for good?
You were just the scaffolding on which the
       Sculptor stood.


By Kristen Sykes



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